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Homemade Sunburn Spray - Home Remedie

June 27, 2016

  Sunburn First Aid - Home Remedie, rehydrate and repair your damaged skin caused by sunburn with this natual painrelif sunburn spray. 8 drops of purasentials lavender essential oil 8 drops of purasentials peppermint essential oil 1/2 cup Liquid Aloe Vera juice 1/8 cup Fractionated Coconut Oil Directions: add 2 inches of water into a sauce pan, and place over medium heat. add coconut oil and aloe vera juice into a jar and place the jar in the sauce pan and start too stir untill the mixture liquefies and combines into one solution. Once combined simply remove from sauce pan and add the purasential oils. Give the bottle a good shake Pour your ready made sunburn spray into a bottle and store...

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Stay Well this Winter with Essential Oils

January 29, 2015

Winter has well and truly settled in! While some of us might be enjoying the snow or getting cozy beside the fire, for others it means cold and flu season!

Here are some ways essential oils can help you avoid getting sick, as well as speed up your recovery if you do fall prey to some nasty bugs.

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