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Stay Well this Winter with Essential Oils

Winter has well and truly settled in! While some of us might be enjoying the snow or getting cozy beside the fire, for others it means cold and flu season!

Here are some ways essential oils can help you avoid getting sick, as well as speed up your recovery if you do fall prey to some nasty bugs.


Cleanse everything with a disinfectant spray. Many essential oils are antimicrobial so you can use them to disinfect your home and fight the spread of disease. Peppermint is one of the oils with the strongest antimicrobial properties. Simply place 6-10 drops in a spray bottle full of water and get sanitising!

Use a diffuser to help sanitise the air. When cold and flu season is upon us, there is often a whole lot of microbes in the air, brought on by coughing and sneezing. Using a diffuser with high quality essential oils helps to sanitize the air and take out these nasties before they get to you or your family. We recommend using peppermint, lavender or eucalyptus oil. Using a diffuser to cleanse the air in this way can also be a great thing to try at work, especially if you work in an open office environment where sickness tends to spread far too easily!

Stimulate your immune system. Did you know some essential oils boost the immune system? Lavender, eucalyptus and tea tree oil are considered particularly effective. Placing a few drops of these oils on a tissue and inhaling, or smelling directly from a small vial, can help get your body ready to tackle germs.


Clear your sinuses with inhalation. Essential oils work wonders to break up mucus and get you breathing clearly. Pour boiling water into a bowl and add a few drops of peppermint or lavender oil, then inhale the steam. To enhance the effects, drape a towel over your head and repeat the process.

Relieve sinus and body pain. Lavender is a natural anti-inflammatory so it can help to soothe muscle tension, joint pain and headaches. Oils placed on the skin are absorbed into the body and circulated, so simply rub a few drops directly onto sore areas like the chest, back and sinuses (avoiding the eye and lip area).

Sleep soundly with lavender. We know adequate rest is one of the best ways to recover from sickness but it can be hard to get a sound sleep when your nose is running, your sinuses are hurting and you have body aches and pains. Lavender is widely considered a great natural sleep aid, and a University of Southampton study even showed that sleeping in a room with lavender oil diffused in it leads to a better quality of sleep. So release that lovely lavender scent and you’ll be on the road to recovery in no time!

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